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The Classic of the Mountains and Seas does not contain a narrative, being simply a series of descriptions of fantastical beasts, myths and wonderous locations, which, as artists, we have interpreted and visualised for our online audience. So, why not come and join us on an adventurous journey through the beautiful history of The Classic of the Mountains and Seas? Explore the five fascinating zones of the exquisite mountains: North, South, West, East and Central, that form the structure of the text. Enter this ancient realm and be thrilled by descriptions of ancient Chinese sacrificial traditions, fantastic mythological beasts and the awe-inspiring wonders of nature. Prepare for the journey of a lifetime that will connect ancient mythology with developments in modern visual technology. But most important of all… BE INSPIRED! 

Welcome! This virtual exhibition is based on the Chinese classic text, The Classic of the Mountains and Seas, which features descriptions of mythical geography and beasts. Versions of this text may have existed as early as the 4th Century BCE and we are fortunate that it has reached us here today so that we can take the opportunity to share with you, good reader, our modern interpretations of this wonderful book. You are here now, on your laptop, your phone or whatever device it may be, to view an online exhibition that represents our individual interpretations of, and reactions to, this ancient text that, at times, we found difficult to fathom.

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