Explore Leila Penn’s depictions of the deities who reign over the Central Mountains, and the sacrificial methods used to summon them.

Warrior Net


Be stunned by the beauty of the great deity, Warrior Net. Her notable thin waste, panther markings and glistening white teeth exemplify this. The theory is that her presence will allow those who summon her to gain stronger fertility and the promise of the birth of a baby girl.

Highhorse Reptile


Be fearful of the staggering appearance of the mighty Highhorse Reptile. In appearance he has two heads with watchful eyes. He hoards the power to control stinging insects.

Alligator Siege


Be stunned by the magical appearance of the great deity, Alligator Siege. His ram’s horns, tiger claws and markings are shadowed by the piercing light emitted from his eyes. His purpose is to bring light and warmth to the lands he roams.

Counting Cover


Be amazed by the glorious appearance of the great god Counting Cover. His male body and dragon head truly exhibit the mighty power he holds. He is a god of storms and can conduct the weather in any way of his choosing. Though his power can be feared, he is regarded as a very playful being.

Within Babe


Our journey ends with the great deity, Within Babe. In his appearance he holds snakes close to his body. Despite his appearance, he is a very peaceful deity, whose purpose it is to rid the human world of darkness and fill the lands with light.

Leila Penn


Leila Penn is a working artist who specialises in concept art. She is very inspired by the more sinister happenings in the world and risky subject matter. She aims to work in a career of either Art Psychotherapy or Criminology. See more of her work or enquire for commission through her Instagram page here.

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