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I chose to study Visual Arts as it enables me to do all the things I enjoy and love, from generating initial ideas, brand identity and anything in print, such as screen-printing. Other than the interest I have in my studies I also have many other interests too. I absolutely love to travel and have been lucky enough to travel to so many different places. While I’m travelling, I love to explore photography, especially with my 35mm camera, I really love the results you get. I also have a big passion for animal welfare, this interest started when I took a trip to South Africa and learnt a lot about animal poaching, I found myself following a lot of accounts on Instagram and wanting to always find out more around the subject. I have been able to use the interest I have, within my work, including my dissertation and Faux.'



FAUX is an organisation which fights to banish animal cruelty. Their ethos is to inform consumers on the benefits of purchasing faux fur products; with an aim to incorporate a fashion feel, whilst communicating the issues that arise within the fur farming industry. Faux are collaborating with London’s most prestigious department store, Harrod’s, which is now the only department store in London to still sell fur. This project includes many different specialisms such as brand identity, hand drawn patterns, screen-printed t-shirts, tote bags and photography

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